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Mission Statement: It is our mission to identify, preserve and promote the historic legacy of the Murrieta Valley and to educate the public about its historical significance.


MVHS Current Accomplishments:

  • 2016: Society formed and then unearthed a 25-year-old cityhood time capsule.

  • 2016: Began collecting oral history interviews including the first Murrieta Mayor.

  • 2017: Cleaned the historic Ray’s Cafe & Lakeman House property, recovering thousands of photographs, documents, and artifacts related to Murrieta’s history.

  • 2017: Began historic presentations in partnership with the Murrieta Public Library.

  • 2018: Established the first official Murrieta Museum, a Center of Culture and History.

  • 2019: The Murrieta Museum at the Historic Hunt House grand opening at the Murrieta Fireman's BBQ

  • 2020: Hosted 3rd grade tours from Murrieta Elementary School and conducted multiple oral histories.


Founding board in 2019

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