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Murrieta Hot Springs Collection

Located East of the I-215

In 1902, Fritz Guenther bought the Murrieta Hot Springs, turning it into a world class resort. Calvery Chapel has owned the Resort from 1995 to 2021.


A Look at Some Items in the Museum

Guenther's Employee Time Card Ledger​ from 1913

Donated by Robin McCracken Steely

Hand Stitched Linens

Donated by Robin McCracken Steely

Telegraph Ledger from 1938

Donated by Robin McCracken Steely

Blue China Dinner Plate from Shenango

Donated by Loretta Barnett

Ashtrays and Match Covers with Logo

Donated by Loretta Barnett and Mike Mance

Traveling Barber Set

Donated by Alice Vose

Tin Mineral Cups

Sold to guests for 10¢ to enjoy drinking the natural mineral water. Guests could get their initials engraved for additional charge.

Cream Bottles

Donated by The Jennings Collection

Brochures, menus, and Rate Accommodations


Hot Springs Photographic Collection

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