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Vintage Quilts

Fabrics from the 1930-40s

Local woman from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints volunteered their time to preserve the backing of vintage quilts and are now of display at the Murrieta Museum.


Their Story

"As I laid out the fabric pieces of quilts I wondered what the woman before me was trying to create so long ago. Included amongst the scraps of fabrics were 1930's patterns yellowed with age. Images of her quilts fell into place and the quilt pieces were soon in correlated pieces ready for volunteers to put them together for the Murrieta community to experience. These quilts are circa 1930-1940's and include WWII quilts and popular patterns of the area. It is an honor to play a part in this great project. Helpers included Debbie Robinson, Debbie Cohen, Sally Wright, Kelli Devey, and Cindy Wilson."

Written by Debbie Cohen 

See the Quilt Patterns

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