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Ranching in Murrieta

"Kentucky of the West"

Murrieta was once home to arenas and race tracks for Thoroughbreds, including the property City Hall and Town Square Park now rests on.


A Look at Some Items in the Museum

Wooden Pack Saddle from the Sotello Ranch

Donated by the Jennings' Collection

Multiple Branding Irons

  • A- Alessandro by Carol Kravagna Hanson

  • H.B.- Hutchinson & Brown by Jennings' Collection

  • T- Tarwater by Jennings's Collection

  • Bar-U - Johnson Ranch in Tenaja by Johnson Family

  • V- Old Vail Cattle Company before Heart Brand by Jennings' Collection

Belt Buckles

Donated by the Jennings' Collection

Leather Working Tools from Santa Rosa Ranch

Donated by the Jennings' Collection 

"Champion Header" Trophy Breast Collar 

Donated by Barry Robinson

Cowboy Chaps

Donated by Connie McConnell


Photograhic Collection

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