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Farming Equipment

Murrieta was known for its farmland. Not only for the grain, which brought upon the Murrieta Grain Elevator, but also other grains, crops, dairy, livestock, and orchards. 


Farming Items in the Museum

Grey Granite Ware Cream Can

Donated by Marion and Ira Rail


Horlick's Malted Milk Candy Jar

Donated by Peggy Thompson Goffman

Wheat from Paul Thompson's Last Harvest, 1960s

Donated by Virginia Thompson

Milk Bottles from Local Dairy

Donated by the Jennings Collection

Hand Operated Machinery: 

Like a Sauerkraut Slicer and a Magneto

B.W. Tarwater Diaries, Ledgers, and Inventory Lists

Donated by the Ron Wickard Collection


Photographic Collection

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