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Murrieta Fire Department

Now Known as Murrieta Fire and Rescue

The Murrieta Fire Department was founded in the early 1940s by a group of volunteer fireman. Since then it formed its own fire district and was grandfathered into the City of Murrieta. Just recently was awarded international Accredited Agency status from with the CFAI and the Center of Public Safety Excellence, Inc.


Fire Department Items in the Museum

Various Helmets and Badges

Donated by Patrick Jennings

The Department's First Respirator

Donated by the Sheld Family

The Department's Original Uniform

Donated by the Jennings' Collection

Standard Radio H/T: 1987-1995

Donated by the Jennings' Collection 

First Aid Kit, Circa 1960

Donated by Jennings' Collection

Bean High Pressure Fog Nozzle 

Donated by the Jennings' Collection

Photographic Collection

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